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Commercial Security  

Providing Commercial Security Solutions to businesses in and around the Stockport and Greater Manchester Area 
CCTV plays a immense role at the work place, it can prevent unwanted behaviours from staff as well as provide evidence for criminal activities. 


We have extensive experience in this sector and pay close attention when we are surveying retail outlets to ensure upon installation that the best angles and images will be produced. We always make sure we have a high quality image to ensure shoplifters' faces can be clearly identified. In a retail environment we use no less than 3 megapixel cameras on new installs to ensure the best possible images. 

Restaurants, pub and clubs 

From pickpockets to assaults and occasionally serious crime it is a legal requirement for premises which serve alcohol to have CCTV (apart from in relatively crime free areas which need permission). Having a strong presence of CCTV can make your customers feel more secure as well as deterring criminals from engaging in illegal activities on your premises. We realise when unfortunate events occur they can effect reputation, in these situations having high quality images of offenders can show you take the security at your premises seriously. 

Covert Systems 

Sometimes it may be necessary to have a hidden camera to monitor and prove suspicious activity. Sometimes it is best to use a covert camera over a standard camera, as an example : in a room full of valuable stock you want your innocent staff to feel trusted so you may not want to put an obvious camera in that area, but still want the benefit of knowing what has happened if anything has or if cash or stock is going missing. Installing an actual camera may only stop further incidents in that area and not catch the source of the problem. If you require a covert system we can hide a very discreet high definition camera in a wide variety of places to suit your needs as the very small lens can be hidden almost anywhere inside and externally, whilst being as discreet as possible, doing so dressed as another type of workman. 
Areas we cover but not limited to include Stockport, Wilmslow, Hale Barns, Altringham Hyde, Glossop, Salford, Bolton, Rochdale, Manchester city centre and surrounding areas. 
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